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Type: Individual List: SDN
Last Name: YARMOSHINA Program: BELARUS 9770
First Name: Lidziya Mihaulauna Nationality:
Title: Head of the Central Commission for Elections and National Referendums (CEC) Date of Birth: DOB: 29 Jan 1953
Citizenship: Place of Birth: POB: Slutsk, Belarus
Aliases: AKA: YARMOSHYNA Lidziya Mihaulauna AKA: YERMOSHINA Lidziya Mihaulauna AKA: YARMOSHINA Lidziya Mikhailovna AKA: YARMOSHYNA Lidziya Mikhailovna AKA: YERMOSHINA Lidziya Mikhailovna AKA: YARMOSHINA Lydia Mihaulauna AKA: YARMOSHYNA Lydia Mihaulauna AKA: YERMOSHINA Lydia Mihaulauna AKA: YARMOSHINA Lydia Mikhailovna AKA: YARMOSHYNA Lydia Mikhailovna AKA: YERMOSHINA Lydia Mikhailovna AKA: YARMOSHINA Lidya Mihaulauna AKA: YARMOSHYNA Lidya Mihaulauna AKA: YERMOSHINA Lidya Mihaulauna AKA: YARMOSHINA Lidya Mikhailovna AKA: YARMOSHYNA Lidya Mikhailovna AKA: YERMOSHINA Lidya Mikhailovna